Eureka! offers a comprehensive range of Executive, Career, Life and Business Skills coaching services.

Why Eureka? … because this is the word clients often exclaim when all of a sudden things fall into place during the coaching process.

Clients go through a process of self discovery – understanding their personality profile and how this impacts everything they do. They go on to develop an action plan with specific, measurable and realistic goals and then work to action the plan in real time.
So, depending on your focus, you can concentrate your efforts on achieving your executive, career, life or business goals.
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Anne Good

Anne is an HR professional with well-developed skills as a coach and facilitator. She moved to Tokyo in 2003 and helps business leaders, individuals and companies investing in Japan get the most out of their Human Capital.

She returned to the UK in 2015 and continues to service her global clients via Skype.

Anne has an MA in Educational Management, Certificate in Post Compulsory Education and Training and is a Certified Myers Briggs Professional and Keirsey Temperament Sorter II Professional. Anne is also an accredited Saville Consulting Aptitude & Wave practitioner.


Coaching Solutions

In today’s busy world, time to think about what is important to you is at a premium.

Whether you own your own business, lead a company headquartered in another part of the world or just want to make a change in your career or life – who do you talk to?

Help is at hand. That’s where a coach comes in to play. Giving you the chance to explore your ideas, bounce your thoughts off or just download your frustrations.


Our ‘tools’ include Psychometric testing

Psychometric testing falls into three main types:

Personality is a term given a particular technical meaning by psychologists. Ability tests measure a persons potential, for instance to learn the skills needed for a new job. Aptitude refers to specific ability.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter tools are used to identify personality preference and the Saville Wave tool is used to test ability and aptitude.


Business coaching in Norfolk – Adding value to individuals and teams leading to increased business performance.
Life coach in Norfolk – Life coaching focuses on the things you want to change and supports you in creating a strategy to implement those changes.
Career coaching in Norfolk – Coaching and motivational help for returners, students and anyone lost in life needing help in developing their career paths.
Executive coaching in East Anglia – Executive coaching gives you the opportunity to discuss issues and challenges and offers unbiased and confidential support, helping you develop your ideas about the best way forward.