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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching with Eureka!

Anyone in an executive role knows it can be tough at the top. Deadline pressures and unrelenting demands on your time and personal energy can take their toll on your professional performance and your personal life. It can be lonely as an executive, too.

The higher up the career ladder you progress, the fewer colleagues you seem to have with whom you can talk through the issues and share the challenges of the working day.

This is where Eureka’s executive coaching comes in. Executive coaching gives you the opportunity to discuss issues and challenges and offers unbiased and confidential support, helping you develop your ideas about the best way forward.

The kind of issues that executive coaching can be used to address vary widely, but can include:

  • Balancing your work and home life
  • Increasing motivation
  • Improving your understanding of your teams
  • Increasing your value to the organization
  • Broadening your entrepreneurial skills
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Enhancing organizational performance

Career Coaching

Career coaching with Eureka!

Statistics show that people generally spend more time deciding what car to buy than they do their next job role.

Are you satisfied with your current position? Are your employer’s goals in line with your own? If you are self-employed, are you running the business or is the business running you?

We understand that these are questions that we often ask ourselves, but don’t necessarily answer.

At Eureka!, we have faced these questions ourselves and that helps us to help you to look at where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

When we have established your goals and direction for the future, we will then help you to get there.

The situations we can help you to resolve vary tremendously, but below are just some of the areas we can help with.

  • You want to change direction or industry
  • You want to move into a more senior role
  • You have been made redundant
  • You and your family have been relocated
  • You are fed up with working 24/7
  • You want to start your own business
  • You want to return to work after taking a break

Business Coaching

Business Coaching with Eureka.

There are times when an executive needs help with softer business skills, such as preparing presentations, delivering speeches and presentations, having an executive presence, making an impact, successful negotiations and meeting skills.

Our trained coaches can help you achieve the “wow” factor and develop your skills in areas such as

  • Public Speaking
  • Communication
  • Team Management
  • Decision-making
  • Interviews and CV preparation
  • Motivation

Life Coaching

Life coaching with Eureka!

Why would anyone need life coaching?

That’s what friends are for isn’t it? Well for some issues, yes, friends can help, but for other issues it may not be so appropriate and a more professional approach is required.

Where strong emotions, deep-seated fears or long-established behaviours are involved, the open-minded, rational and positive approach of a life coach can make a real difference.

Life coaching does not deal in successes and failures, but focuses on the things you want to change and supports you in creating a strategy to implement those changes.

Eureka! tailor makes the coaching assignment depending on the needs of the individual.

These needs can include:

  • Changing destructive behaviours
  • Supporting career change
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Building social skills
  • Improving professional and personal relationships
  • Achieving a work-life balance
  • Dealing with divorce or bereavement
  • Improving focus in a chosen area