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Anne Good

Anne worked in Japan from 2003 – July 2015, as an HR professional and executive, career and life coach. She has an in-depth knowledge and experience in both business strategies and personal development practices. Her clients range from global corporations to small organisations, privately held businesses and individuals.

Her skill, knowledge and experience has enabled her to assist companies 
and individuals to get from where they are now to where they want to be. Anne supports leaders and individuals across a wide range of situations including cross-cultural leadership, conflict resolution, communication and assessment of teams and of the leaders themselves.

Her approach is to build a confidential and trusting environment for the coachee to encourage them to work in a solution focused way and encourage and facilitate breakthrough which enhances performance.

Anne has experience of working with leaders across a wide range of industries
 including, manufacturing, financial services, retail, hospitality, life sciences and professional services. She has acted as a consultant, facilitator, and trainer in organisations that were downsizing, managing the change process and developing their talent pool.

Anne works with leaders and individuals from a wide range of countries to develop their skills in working in a cross-cultural environment where work practices sometime differ greatly from past experience.

Prior to her time in Japan, Anne worked in senior management roles in both the private and public sector across the UK. She began her career as a coach in 1995.

Anne has now returned to the UK and is living in the heart of the Norfolk Broads where she still continues her coaching practice.

Anne has a Masters Degree in Educational Management and a Certificate in Post Compulsory Education and Training from the University of Hertfordshire, England. She is a certified practitioner of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Certified Keirsey Temperament Sorter II Professional. She also holds certification in the Saville Wave Assessment tool.

Anne Good - Eureka Executive Coaching Services.


Eureka! typically works face to face with clients. Increasingly, via Skype, although coaching via the telephone, or email if circumstances prevent an in-person meeting if there is a need for an urgent coaching session.

Eureka! provides an individualized and customized service. Because the coaching and learning that occur are uniquely tailored to the individual, the process will differ for each person. The coach and client work together to design a unique coaching assignment that will create the desired positive outcomes.

The foundation to creating the best coaching relationship includes:

Listening, talking, feedback, discussions, perspective, validation, planning, teaching, communication, solutions, structure, exercises, strategies and resources.

The coaching process can be broken down into five steps. The exact determination of the dividing lines between the individual steps is less important than the approach that is taken to address the issues that arise during the process as a whole.

Eureka 5-Step strategy.
How we work - Eureka coaching solutions.