Client Feedback

Some comments from satisfied clients over the years…

Anne’s coaching skills allowed me to focus on the areas in my life that I wanted to understand and love about myself, so that I would be able to move forward and be my better and more authentic self. Thank you Anne, “ you have given me the tools to be more accepting and loving towards myself and others.”

Female, Canadian, Medical

I have been working with Anne for just over a year now and she has been an integral part of my professional and personal development. I very much gelled with her style and approach, and after taking the time to deeply understand my character and improvement points, Anne was able to really help me move forward.  I like the way that Anne draws upon her own work and life experience, as well as her professional training, to help guide the people she works with.

Finally, I appreciate working with a Coach who is not afraid to offer carefully tailored advice when asked, as part of an overall coaching service.

Male, British, HR

For a long period of time I was seeking out an individual that was not family connected that could offer me un-biased / un-emotional coaching and advice.

Before going to Anne, I felt that I was losing confidence in my job, second guessing decisions I was making or simply procrastinating and not making any decisions at all. I equally took a very short-term view to my job and ultimately my career, which resulted in me not caring as much as I should of for my staff, working longer hours and generally being unhappy with my work environment.

Through the sessions with Anne, we were able to un-earth the key core symptoms and start on a program to help me understand “who I am” and to like “who I am”; Anne was also able to provide me with great coaching advice on my family, attempting to recognize the all important balance between work & home life.

Anne is a great listener & her ability to offer un-biased practical coaching is not something you would get from any self-help book!

I still put myself “work in progress” as life is full of obstacles / surprises, Anne has given me the confidence & more importantly a secure environment where I can discuss such concerns.”

Male, British, Finance

Anne Good has been coaching several of my direct reports in the last 2 years.

I can safely say that she´s been able to help them grow both professionally and personally. Not only because all of them have given positive feedback to me, but also because I´ve seen a real change in them: especially regarding their own attitude and resilience to stress as well as a higher ability to understand others´ personalities and thus better handle inter-personal relationships.

I am absolutely convinced that a good coaching process can be a powerful managerial tool and I definitely recommend Anne for her high level of professionalism and expertise.

Male, French, Consumer Marketing

Anne has influenced my career in so many ways. She helped me to build my career in Japan when I arrived there just after graduating university and she has guided and supported me ever since. With her wonderful and warm personality and widespread network she really has had a major influence on the progress of my career. Anne always puts your interests and development needs first, she is great at giving direction and looking at things from a different perspective.  A wonderful unique coach!

Female, Dutch, HR

Anne will drive you from where you are to where you want to be. She understands you, adapts to your profile and situation, and her passion, energy and experience really makes a difference.”

“I was in a tough professional and personal situation and Anne helped me move forward by revealing my skills, true motivations, and path to success. It made a real difference to me”.

Male, French, FMCG

Working with Anne, helped me transition from being an overwhelmed, unsure and stressed professional, into an effective leader and CEO. Her direct and tactful manner along with a great sense of humour provided me the environment I needed to develop clarity, set goals and achieve them. Also, working with Anne, allowed me to learn to use my personality and personal strengths to achieve all these goals, in the best way possible. It has been and continues to bring life changing moments of focus and understanding. I highly recommend her services to anyone that wishes to improve their situation in life.

Female, American, NPO

I have been working together with Anne Good for almost ten years over a wide range of HR related projects meant to rebuild our organization after a complex restructuring. Beside being is a truly knowledgeable and highly experienced professional in the HR field, Anne is also able to provide a profound insight into each situation about which she always understands indepth the human side. Whenever one must make an important decision a non-biased, independent but reliable third party opinion is always welcome and Anne is the best possible advisor from managerial standpoint. There is no preset pattern for Anne though, as she carefully considers the standpoint of all the people involved and that makes her contribution uniquely valuable.

Male, Italian, Manufacturing

With Anne’s coaching, I learnt more about myself and other people. Now I can understand why people behave in certain ways while in the past it was a mystery to me, or at times a cause of my great stress. Now I feel under better control. ”

Female, Japanese, Pharmaceutical

I contacted Anne at a time when I had many questions about myself, my personal and professional growth. I spent four sessions with her and she helped me clarify my path and vision moving forward.  I took a deep breath and focused on work, where I was able, as a sales person, to bring revenue that equaled my annual targets within six months and next year looks good as well. I would recommend her to anyone! She is thoughtful, caring and open-minded!

Female, Bulgarian, HR

Anne is an intuitive coach and gives practical tools and tips to help you move forward. She also is extremely empathic, which helps one open up and share without barriers. I found that I could change my career direction having experienced her coaching and could achieve a brave move within six months. Anne helped me rehearse the dreaded conversation that actually became a joy! She also helped me through a divorce with some very objective and practical advice, which I could apply immediately. I highly recommend Anne; she is someone you can feel open and safe with. Plus your takeaways after each session are invaluable!

Female, British, HR

We have been working with Anne for some time and we’ve found her input and guidance to be exceptionally useful.  With her assistance our team became much stronger, more cohesive and higher performing across the board.

She was instrumental in identifying and articulating the strengths and gaps of our management team and facilitated bringing everyone together as a stronger team because of it.  Personally she has been indispensable as a counselor, confidant and advisor.  I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Male, American, Corporate Intelligence

My coaching sessions with Anne were very comfortable and empowering. I was always looking forward to seeing her and having a meaningful conversation together. Within the span of 4 months, Anne has guided me through a job search, helping me to stay focused on the positives and develop a plan for what I really want to do in the long term. Using the tools such as Myers Briggs and the Elevator Pitch, she helped me increase my self-awareness and feel more confident. Thank you, Anne!

Female, Japanese, Consumer

If I didn’t meet Anne, my life would be completely different.  With her support, I am more certain about myself and how I want to live my life which is not limited to only career choices but all the important decisions I make, and how certain and happy I am about them. Anne’s thoughtful approach, objectiveness, and the courage to face the problems together helped me overcome some of the difficult issues I had in my life and lead me in a direction I wouldn’t have been able to reach by myself.  So, thank you Anne!!!

Female, Japanese, HR

Anne at Eureka! was inspirational in giving me the confidence to change direction in my career and set up my own product design business. Anne took the time to listen, asses and then offered very practical, sensible advice backed up with the kind of motivational speaking that makes you feel that you can do it!’

Male, British, Chris Booker – Vital Spark Creative Ltd

Coaching built a strong confidence in me.  A confidence to face people in situations that were difficult in the past I would have shied away from. She helped me identify the steps I needed to take to manage them.  By following the self set steps, sometimes I had to revisit and review the plan – that was a very positive for me, and most of the time, it built my confidence and made me  aware that I can to it!  So now whether the decisions I need to make are small or big, Anne’s coaching techniques are is somewhere in me to remind these steps.

Female, Japanese, Hospitality

Anne coached me through a career change, after I had been working for a number of years in the financial services industry. I did not feel that this was the right profession for me, but was unsure about what else to do, and how to go about making a transition into another career. I also struggled with the confidence to make such a big step. Anne’s support and coaching helped to give me clarity and direction on my goals regarding my career, gave me confidence in making what were some very big decisions, and helped me take the next steps towards re-training and moving forward into a career that I was really passionate about. She helped me form my long-term vision for the future, but also gave practical advice to help me move forward step by step.

I found her sessions invaluable and I feel that I made a great deal of progress in a short space of time: I decided from various options what direction I wanted to move in career-wise, I clarified what area of the health and wellness industry I wanted to be in, really focusing on how my skill set match the various options available to me, and I enrolled in a training program which ultimately gave me the initial credentials I needed to move into that career. All this was done through Anne’s coaching and guidance. Anne’s style of coaching was relaxed yet focused, which I found worked very well – she was very approachable and easy to talk to. I really appreciate the coaching and support that Anne provided, and believe that without this I would have found it much more challenging to change direction and find a career that I love.

Female, British Finance to Sports Health